Eyes open and rested: the light factor (and colours).

Ovest the top

To grant a clear vision of your projects even when you work from home, it is important to have a good view. In the Home Office philosophy, light is essential.

West side
Work cannot afford “shady areas”. This means that, considering the place to dedicate to Home Office, it is important to choose a well-lit area for several hours throughout the day: normally the advised solution is found in the west.

Always consider where the lights come from and orient yourself accordingly: if you often work on the computer, the windows behind or in front of the desk should be avoided due to the reflections that strain the eyes.

Emotional energy

Light does not only help productivity, but it is also a good mood friend. Therefore, more natural light you let in; more you increase the possibility of working with the right spirit. To avoid any disturbing light reflections, it is important that the light comes from the sides.

A lamp yes, but which one?

An office desk lamp equipped with intelligent lighting and with adjustable arm is an excellent alternative, especially if you have to spend many hours in front of the computer, a special pendant lamp to light without cluttering up space.
From this point of view a floor lamp could be a good choice.


Give yourself a tone: yours

Colours are friends of light: a winning colour choice can give a sprint to the general lighting of your rooms. Remember that too dark and heavy colours reduce visibility and strain your eyes. It is advisable to choose light colours and pastel shades.
Leave room to subjectivity, but do not forget the type of work: bright colours, for example, are suitable for a creative work– photographers or advertisers – rather than for office, administrative jobs, for which cool tones are recommended.
Among all the possible trends, the whimsical combinations, the trendy colours, the golden rule is to find the harmony between the gaze and the space. If you know your environments well and above all you know yourself, you can really observe your work from a new point of view.