Goodbye smart working, welcome Home Office.

The Home Office philosophy

In the last year our life has changed. This cannot be seen only as a cause of alarm, but also as a chance to improve. Just try to consider the widespread diffusion of “smart working”.


If at the beginning of the emergency – the “remote working has left us the feeling of an interim solution, today it can be conceived, not in a hasty way but in a more advanced, rational and human oriented way, that is to say respecting our habits, our times, our habitats.

It is the “Home Office” philosophy.



“Home Office” does not focus only on “what” but first of all reconsiders “where”: it focuses on home, our emotional environment, to create a professional area inside it, considering the layout of spaces, ergonomics, the vital importance of comfort and well-being.

Summing up, instead of replacing quickly the office desk with the study table, Home Office creates a corner dedicate to the office following a system of customizable, but rigorous rules.

Explicitly, it considers the time factor, or whether this type of need will be temporary or permanent to concentrate on essential points such as:

• The light
• The colors
• The comfort
• Ergonomics
• The harmony of the components

which together compound a “system” aimed to promote the daily well-being of the professional home.


Since we have come so far, why don’t we go any further?


Here below we will take into consideration some important aspects, from how to organize the lighting to the most functional use of the furniture, up to the basic rules for working comfortably.

Because the world changes, but not the way we feel.
And work at home.