How to be productive and comfortable at the same time.


Life and work share a value: the need to feel good. Comfort, in fact, is not just a passive condition of pleasure: it can be an active factor of performance, especially if inserted into the new dimension of Home Office.
The Home Office philosophy helps us to experience a long-lasting working time at home in the most comfortable way possible.
What can we do to improve comfort?
Avoid the feeling of ‘work everywhere’ and keep in mind the potential that technology can offer in terms of privacy and sound insulation.
It is important to seek a quiet room, away from outdoor or indoor noise to promote concentration.

The importance of the ergonomic chair

Key word: comfort.
The challenge to be faced most urgently is ergonomics.
You cannot stay 8 hours on a kitchen chair: sooner or later, your body will cry.
The choice of a comfortable seat is essential.

The best products are the ergonomic ones.
It is therefore essential to opt for an adjustable model.
You don’t have to choose a typical office chair if it doesn’t fit the home decor.
There are many “hybrids” seats on the market, ergonomically designed.

If we focus on the desk, the ideal choice falls on cosy and spacious model, proportional to the room, so as not to be bulky.
The product itself is very important but it is not enough: the organization of the working top has to be considered as well according to a personal logic; it has to be functional.

A first step is to get rid of the superfluous and keep only the essential objects in practical and close positions.
The presence of drawers and compartments favours order and essentialness, natural allies of concentration and productivity.

It is also necessary to take into account all the equipment that uses an electrical power supply: lighting, computer, printer, TV, music system.
(This is to avoid being in the centre of a room without the possibility of connecting all our electrical devices).

The right height

Spending a lot of time sitting could cause joint pain.
What to do in these cases?

Standing work, a solution to be taken step by step and alternated with the time spent sitting.
Even a short walk can help clear your mind and, in some cases, solve small problems that risk remaining “glued” to the desk.
For those who want to spend more time standing, there are tables of specific height or desks that can also be electrically adjusted to various heights, to support the upright position.

Plants and accessories

Finally, to make the room warmer and more friendly, you can opt for adding plants and accessories: for example, paintings and frames.
This will add a personal touch to your home office. All this will make the carrying out of daily commitments and activities extremely pleasant.