The new website

Interlacement and focuses

The first step

The renovation of Ultom’s website starts from the need to appear in a new graphic design.
It has been decided to contact Asimmetrica to develop the ideas that make up the project.
The initial requests were aimed for a new design, a best navigation, simple consultation and to make the management of our site easy and flexible.

The solution

We opt for the management of a highly customizable site that will allow the company to update and modify data independently.
We wanted to highlight some strengths such as: corporate sensitivity to ecology; the enhancement of the professionals participating in the project, designers, architects, the quality of the product.
The new website is available in two languages to facilitate dialogue not only with Italy but also with the rest of the world.
Ultom has always been discreet in giving voice to its projects, but in the new site we want to give value to some projects carried out over the years, a source of corporate pride.

Reconsidering our series

Ultom has always proposed three main series: Ultom, Newton and Artom, which have been unified under a single mother who will be exclusively Ultom. The product categories are rethought.

A system of icons

Ultom believes that the new category system is further strengthened by an icon system that is presented on the homepage.

A new claim

“Ultom has always taken great care of the environment, the customer and the supplier. We create synergies starting from the love for what we do.”

In this way, Ultom redesigns its will and seriousness in its relationship with the world around it. The texts are rethought as a direct dialogue with the retailer and the buyer.

Reserved area

It has been completely redesigned with a view to being easy to use by the user
with the presence of various useful documentation