Sirmax, a leader factory in the transformation of thermoplastic materials, decided to expand his Headquarters and commissioned the project to the Architect Antonio Zambusi. In this occasion, Ultom’s products were preferred to equip the new operative and executive offices.

The work spaces are characterized by colors that give a strong personality to the whole environnement.

This freedom of expression has given the opportunity to create desks and containers by using different items’ ranges, among the most significant of our collections, combining new materials and finishes of Minimum collection, meeting the environment and customer’s needs.

Therefore, Ultom has equipped executive, operative and meeting rooms, choosing custom finishes for the large boardroom as well as for managerial furniture.

The central part of the boardroom meeting tabletop has been integrated with a cable management system, including refined and functional top-access, allowing the housing of different power systems for computers and telephones.

Convenient access routes to the space allow to install microphones and supplementary video conferencing tools.

For executive and operative offices, the choice of anti-fingerprint laminates worktops and metal coating structures, clearly state the technical characteristics of these materials that highlights Sirmax philosophy and high technology manufacturing processes.